One online experience, for everything your destination has to offer.


We believe that the whole is 
greater than the sum of its parts.

Our digital business model drives traffic, creates local synergies, and gives your visitors a complete customer experience.

So that your destination can fully release its potential for value creation.

A full experience with portal, app and CRM-system.

In addition to our destination portal, we offer an integrated mobile app and a CRM-system. This way, your destination can manage all of its communication in one place.

A better experience for the visitor, and easier management for the destination.

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Some of our destinations

Since our humble beginnings back in 2017, we have worked with several exciting destinations.

Visit Rauland

This is where it all started. With a brilliant business idea and an eager team, we set out to maximize traffic and customer engagement for the Norwegian mountain destination, Rauland — both online and on the ski slopes.

From portal, to app, to CRM-system. A long and fruitful partnership began.

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Visit Bø

Visit Bø wanted a new and modern identity and webportal that could bring together the area's businesses and activities as one - for tourists, students and the local residents of Nome and Midt-Telemark.

The platform showcases all attractions, experiences, trade, and services that the destination has to offer its target groups.

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If you’re looking for accommodations, a place to eat, a recommended biking route, or if you simply need information about road conditions, Hardangervidda will provide you with exactly what you need.

Our Dashboards are we tailor-make for each destination.

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Visit Haukeli

With its Visit Haukeli portal, the companies at Haukeli want to appear as a holistic destination for their visitors.

The platform offers everything the destination has to offer of attractions, experiences, dining and accommodation, and much more. The portal also features live traffic updates for those who are crossing the mountain, as well as potential stops along the way.

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Rauland Ski Center is one of Telemark's largest tourism businesses, and we benefit greatly from using the integrated VisitLocally solution.

Being part of a larger platform where we get our own websites for our businesses, a joint unifying portal for Rauland and digital marketing in a number of channels gives us the tools we need for further growth.

The fact that VisitLocally has also recently developed a CRM and App solution, which is integrated with the web platform, gives us many additional growth opportunities.

Kristin Larsen | Dagligleder, Rauland Skisenter & Vierli Eigedom

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